A few words of explanation...

In addition to being something of a minor legend in the recording industry, Malcolm Chisholm was a teacher of mine at Columbia College. He was pretty opinionated, and lots of people were opinionated about him. As might be expected, he left quite an impression on me. I have to say that I learned a lot about recording from the man, but he also left me with a strong understanding of how to act in a professional manner and take nothing for granted. He was probably viewed as a pain in the ass by some, but he always treated his students with respect. I don't ever recall a time when I wanted to talk to him that I was rebuffed. He passed in 2003, and the world is a lesser place because of it.

I have taken the liberty of tracking down and posting a few documents that Malcolm once put on his web site. This stuff disappeared years ago, but returned on a tribute page put together by Malcolm's son, Colin. That site ceased to be active a while back, and I've made several attempts to contact Colin about hosting Malcolm's material on my site. Since I've been unable to find Colin, I'm posting the stuff here in the hopes that Malcolm's family will allow it to remain. It is a good resource on a number of levels. If the family asks me to take this down, I will respect their wishes, but for the time being, please enjoy the return of Malcolm's Recording Studio Design Page. Also available is a list of Malcolm's credits, as put together by the man himself.

I have attempted to reproduce the RSDP as Malcolm had it, but to prevent confusion I have crossed out a few links that no longer work. Additionally, there is one file from Malcolm's site that I have been unable to locate, and that is crossed out as well. If I can find the file, I will return the link to its proper state.

Peter Pollack

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