The Recording Studio Design Page

Non-commercial site accessing theory, drawings, data, and a small Dos basic program for those interested in building a new studio or retrofitting an existing facility. 

The material available is taken from 40+ years of experience in live studio recording, design, and construction plus about 15 teaching studio/control room acoustics. Considerable practical experience has proven results to match  theory.

The (copyrighted) bulk of text and drawings have been published, mostly in MIX magazine, but never made available to the industry at large at a single source.
chamber.txt-----12K Short article, live echo chambers ledepln.gif-------25K Plan view, LEDE
data.txt-----------16K Materials, walls, windows, loudspeakers ledelev.gif-------11K Elevation , LEDE
fuzpoly.txt-------07K Article, absorber-disperser boxes studiopl.gif------15K Plan view, Studio 
stubsks.txt-------09K Article, basic studio treatment studioel.gif------43K Elevation , Studio
control.txt--------61K Long article, control rm. design ezdb.txt----------11K Short, for staff
fulldb.txt---------21K Full tutorial, decibel system flats.txt-----------15K Acoustical, that is
studio.txt---------31K Long article, studio design console.txt-------16K Critique & History

  TXT and high quality DXF files as above are available for DOS users in alldfx.exe  and  alltxt.exe  here and as individual DXF, .DXF.ZIP,  ZIP.EXE, and   for other O.S.s f rom    mcsnet.users   malcolm

DFX  files can be viewed and printed with Photo Shop Pro or, better, Thumbs Plus from Stroud's,

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